Bomber Jagerbomb Cups - Clear (x10)

Jagerbombs are among the most popular drinks around right now. That tasty mix of Red Bull and Jagermeister is a big hit at bars everywhere, and these pre-moulded cups are tailor-made for the world's favourite 'bomber' shot.

Simply pour the Jagermeister into the small middle chamber, then fill the rest of the cup with energy drink. The cups can also be used for other 'bomber' drinks, such as a Boilermaker (beer with a shot of whiskey) or a Skittle Bomb (triple sec and energy drink).

These Jagerbomb cups are perfect for party supply stores and anywhere else that sells drinking accessories.

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Product Specification

Product Code: HRE-0048
Product Weight (kg): 0.49
Product Dimensions (HxLxW): 43.5 x 8 x 8 cm
Carton Qty: 24
Pallet Qty: 600
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