Disposable Jagerbomb (x50)

Made by combining Jagermeister with Red Bull or a similar energy drink, the 'Jagerbomb' shot is the drink of the moment right now. These disposable plastic cups are specifically designed for Jagerbombs and other 'bomber' drinks - each cup has a smaller cup built into it, keeping the two ingredients separate until they are drunk!

Our plastic Jagerbomb cups are supplied in packs of 50. They are ideal for party stores and drinking specialists, and they can be used for many other drinks, too - they're not just for Jagerbombs!

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Product Specification

Product Code: HRE-0047
Product Weight (kg): 0.32
Product Dimensions (HxLxW): 29 x 8.8 x 8.8 cm
Carton Qty: 24
Carton Dimensions (HxLxW): 29.5 x 40.5 x 19.5cm
Carton Weight (kg): 3.57
Pallet Qty: 600
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