Hen Party Pong

Beer pong is the ultimate party game, and if the party in question is a hen party, then Hen Party Pong is the perfect way to play! This unique game puts a cheeky twist on the standard beer pong rules by adding dare card into the mix - every time a cup is lost, that team must perform a forfeit!

Hen Party Pong - Contents

Each pong set contains the following items:

  • 7 x blue cups
  • 7 x red cups
  • 12 x dare cards
  • 2 x ping-pong balls

The rules are prined on the box, but here's a quick summary...

How to Play:

  • Arrange 6 cups into a triangular formation at either end of a long table. Fill these cups with beer, and place a dare card under each one.
  • Divide the party into two teams: the bride-to-be, and everyone else!
  • Standing at opposite ends of the table, teams must take it in turns to throw a ball at the other team's cups. If a ball lands in a cup, one member of that team must drink the cup's contents. Then, the whole team must perform the dare on the card underneath!
  • Play continues until one team runs out of cups. This team - be it the bride or her friends - loses the game and must perform an embarrassing forfeit!

Hen Party Pong is the perfect game for any bachelorette party or hen weekend. These sets are ideal for party suppliers and drinking stores.

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